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    Manavi Datta

  • My name is Manavi, I am a social media insomniac, obsessed with understanding how content integrates with consumer lifestyle.


    Through college I have analyzed digital marketing efforts based on consumer behavior for large corporations such as Staples and Colgate Palmolive. I have also put my thinking cap on and implemented brand oriented solutions at beta stage startups and a boutique brand consulting firm named Pilot Studio.


    I am graduating in May from Northeastern University and want to present my self as a curious learner, proactive team member and enthusiastic starter to organizations.


    You can find some of my work below and get to know me more!


  • Short Films & Video Content

    I am channelized my interest in video making through a minor in Film Production. My learning is in progress so please stay tuned!


    Writer and Co-director

    Montage Sequence

    Everyday I Catch The Train


    A dream sequence



    Silent Film - chase sequence

    Meet Scout


    Branded content for the on campus design studio, Scout

  • Content Writing

    Inbound Brand Content | Community Engagement | Personal Blogging

  • Entrepreneurial Projects

    I carry an Idea journal with me and some make their way out of it!

    The Bridge Project

    Bridge project was born out of Northeastern's venture accelerator program. I plan to make it an on-campus student organization that will get students ready to seize every opportunity that comes their way.

    One Step To Change

    Building entrepreneurial learning in young adults

    Project on having multiple private high schools in India conduct after school idea generation and execution programs for high school children to initiate social impact through entrepreneurial development.

  • Contact

    I love to meet new people and learn new things. If you think I can be of any help to you or your organization, feel free to contact me!

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